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( Basal Body Thermometer )

SOPHIA is the technologically advanced Basal Body Thermometer with built-in computer. You can realize your family planning naturally.

Sophia Ray
Model: BT-16R
Menstrual Cycle Monitor
(Japanese version model)

Unit Price: US$76.80

Please note that the function buttons of BT-16R are written in Japanese,
as we do not have BT-16R English version model. We can supply you BT-16R Japanese version model with copies of English instruction manual (PDF File) by Express Mail Service (EMS). If it's acceptable, please order from here.

Please see the following PDF File for more details of BT-16R.

Full of useful functions!!!
Automatically memorizes BBT data of 500 days and showing in graph
Tells you the measurement time by alarm beep
Shows you whether you are most likely to get pregnant
Shows you the possible pregnancy
Shows you the due date
Shows you need to see a doctor(any abnormality)
Shows you when the most effective times for dieting are

Measurement method: Five minute measurement in two phases, and zero-gradient, peak-hold system by thermister.
Measurement range: 34.00 to 40.00 deg. Celsius(93.2 to 104 Fahrenheit)
Accuracy: +/-0.05 deg. Celsius (35 to 38 Celsius)
+/-0.1 deg. Celsius (34 to 35, 38 to 42 Celsius)
Details of display: 4 digits, 0.01degrees Celsius range
Graph display: 20 days per screen
Power supply voltage: DC3V (CR2032 x 1)
Power consumption: Approx. 2mA (when measuring)
Approx. 30microA (on clock mode)
Battery life: Approx. 6 months (typical use)
Operating temperature: +5 to +40 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature: -20 to +60 degrees Celsius
Size: 90(W) x 74(D) x 22(H)mm
Weight: Approx. 94g
Attachment: Lithium battery (CR2032) 1pce.
Medical equipment
accreditation number
218AGBZX0003200 (Japan)

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