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( Basal Body Thermometer )

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) which catches the bodily rhythm of a woman. That is well utilized for planned pregnancy, infertility treatment and healthcare. The BBT requires continuous recordings. That is necessary, but requires a little work. In order to ease this, we present you the Basal Body Thermometers you can easily use.

Sophia ViVi

Compact size,
good portability
Price: US$58.80
Sophia Ray

Sophisticated design
with multi-function
Price: US$76.80

Please be informed that Nishitomo closed the export section in February
2007, and that Nishitomo is not producing the export models any more.
But, Nishitomo is continuing the domestic business normally as before,
and we can supply Japanese version model of Sophia ViVi (BR-17K) and
Sophia Ray (BT-16R) to overseas customers continuously as before
without any problem. (May 16, 2014 from Tokyo, Japan)

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